Nigerian actor, Kanayo O. Kanayo has shared his story of how he hawked agidi to earn a living.

He made this known to the public while speaking with Vanguard Newspaper as he recalled his childhood experience living with his elder brother in Enugu State.


According to him, he almost committed suicide one day while hawking agidi to end his suffering.

Kanayo said, “I used to hawk Agidi on the streets of Enugu and in one of those dark days, while he was crossing Abakpa Bridge to hawk Agidi, he looked into the deep water when a voice urged him to jump into the water and end his suffering.
“I was a small boy carrying this heavy thing on my head. But I did not listen to that voice and luckily for me, I finished selling all agidi.
My brother’s wife, whom I lived within those days in Enugu, did not want to know your age; she would give me dozens of agidi on my head, and God save me if I returned home with some unsold items with the kind of beating I would receive that day.

“If you are familiar with Enugu State, I used to hawk agidi from New Haven to Abakpa, a long distance.”

He added that he doesn’t want the poor life style for his children.

He said, “I have gone through the thick and thin of life. I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. But I want to make sure that children don’t go back to where I started from.”


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