Nollywood actress, Adunni Ade, has revealed that Nollywood filmmakers pay actors peanuts, and exploit them in the name of giving them a platform.

Filmmakers pay actors peanuts

She disclosed this while speaking on the Rubbin Minds show on Channels TV.

According to her, Nollywood filmmakers need to let go of greed and stop paying actors peanuts.


She said, “This is not me calling anyone out. I’m saying it is time for actors in the film industry to get paid for what they do.

“Stop asking talents to do you a favor with their work and you pay them peanuts.

“She said stakeholders must let go of greed and quit exploiting talents in the name of giving them a platform.

“People need to let go of greed. A lot of people want an actor or filmmaker to just help them. You cannot keep doing that and getting rich while they remain on the same spot. It happens a lot in Yoruba Nollywood.

Adunni Ade also advised upcoming actors to utilize the use of social media and other platforms to sell their talent.

She added, “People not from wealthy backgrounds do whatever to break in. I keep telling people what will be, will be. You don’t have to rush and become famous.

“You have social media and more avenues now to break into the industry without having to sell your soul.”

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