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6 Nollywood Actresses with the best diction and accent



In the Nigerian movie industry, glamour, beauty, flamboyant desire of wealth and so on is not the only thing that matter, a perfect diction and manner of speaking also matters.

With their style of speaking and their flawless manners, quite a number of Nollywood actresses have being able to impress their fans and viewers. Their pronunciation prowess, choice of words and quality of voice are nothing but remarkable.

So after a careful research I present to you 6 Nollywood actresses with the best diction and accent.

(1) Dakore Egbusion:

Dakore Egbusion Akande who was born on the 14th of October 1978 in Lagos State, is a Nigerian actress, television host, singer, dancer and humanitarian.

She graduated from the University of Lagos where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

Dakore Egbusion was brought into the limelight after she feautured in the movie tittled Emotional Crack. Ever since she started her acting career she has feautured in various movies which includes The Set Up, New Money, Chief Daddy, Isoken, Fifty, Lunch Time Heroes and so on.

Dakore Egbusion accent is crisp, along with her diction. Her voice is melodious and she’s a class act

(2) Shaffy Bello:

Shaffy Bello is a Nollywood actress and singer. She joined the Nigerian entertainment industry by Seyi Sodumu tittled Love Me Jeje. Ever since she started her acting career she has featured in various movies which includes Unroyal, Tinsel, When Loves Happens, Gbomo Gbomo Express, It’s Her Day, Elevator Baby, Your Excellency and so on.

Shaffy Bello is one of the few actors in Nollywood that will have you glued to your screen all day with their perfect mastery of English.

(3) Ireti Doyle:

Iretiola Doyle who was born May 3rd, 1967 in Ondo state, is a Nigerian actress, entertainer, TV presenter, writer and a public speaker.

She graduated from the University of Jos where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Theatre arts.

Ever since she started her acting career she has feautured in various movies which includes Merry Men, Kasannova, Wedding Party, Fifty, The Arbitration, Gidi Up and so on. Due to her acting prowess, she has won a lot of awards and endorsement deals to her credit.

Over the years, this ageless actress has graced our screen and she just not to be left out when it comes to speaking flawless English. Ireti Doyle is highly regarded for her close to perfect diction.

(4) Nse Ikpe Etim:

Nse Ikpe Etim is a Nigerian actress and television host. She was born October 21, 1974 in Lagos State, Nigeria. She graduated from the University of Calaber where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Theatre art.

At a very early age, she started her acting career. In 2008, she was brought into the limelight after she feautured in the Nollywood blockbuster movie tittled Reloaded. Ever since she started her acting career she has featured in various movies which includes Quam’s Money, Fine Wine, King Of Boys, A Trip To Jamiaca, Fifty, Stalker, Heaven’s Hell and so on.

Nse Ikpe Etim diction is described as one of her most attractive features. With her perfect mastery of English, she can make you stay glued to your screen all day.

(5) Joke Silva:

Joke Silva who was born on  29 September 1961, is a Nigerian actress, director and business woman. In the 1990’s, Joke Silva started her acting career.

Ever since she started her acting career she has feautured in various movies Potato Patato, The Royal Hisbiscus Hotel, Diamond’s In The Sky, The Secret and so on.

A lot of Nigerians wants to see Joke Silva on TV screen as she speaks spotlessly with no fake British or American accent.

(6) Linda Osifo:

Linda Osifo who born July 27, 1991 in Benin City, Edo state, is a Nigerian actress, model and television host.

She graduated from York University in Toronto Canada where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

In 2012, Linda joined the movie industry with the movie tittled Family Secret. Ever since she started her acting career she has featured in various movies which includes Tanwa Savage, Unroyal, Last Request, Lemonade, Believe In You, Son Of Mercy and so on.

Linda Osifo embodies any character she’s playing. Linda diction can be bottled and sold as a soothing balm, because it is so effortlessly beautiful.

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