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Actor Junior Pope reveals promise he made for his fans before becoming a celebrity



Nollywood actor, Junior Pope has revealed the promise he made for his fans before becoming a celebrity.

According to him, most celebrities find it hard to consent taking photos with fans, liking it to Carmel going through the eye of a needle.

In his Instagram post, Junior Pope vowed that once he becomes a celebrity, he will not hesitate to take pictures with his fans.

As seen in the video posted by the movie star, both male and female fans were all smile taking photo with Junior Pope as he posed for the camera.

He wrote, “When we came to Nollywood, Before A Celebrity Gives His/Her Consent For A Picture To Be Taken Was Like A Carmel Going Through The Eye Of A Needle………I Vowed That Once I Become A Celebrity I Will Not Hesitate To Take Pictures Whenever Asked …… This is me keeping to my promise…..”


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