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I had 3 miscarriages before being delivered of baby from 8-years-old pregnancy – Evangelist Vivian



By Oyindamola Ruth

A Nigerian Evangelist named Vivian Emecheta has narrated how she carried her pregnancy for 8 years before she gave birth.

She tells Akintoye Mayowa how she suffered several miscarriage.

Mrs Vivian Emecheta who is 45 years old as of 2021 and married for 17years now, had 3 children before the arrival of her new born baby.

She recalled that all her pregnancy test were all negative, saying her first child was delivered in a toilet.

She said, “My pregnancy never showed positive before. Infact, the first one was so disturbing because he was my first child and the general hospital told me that I am not pregnant and I was told to go home but I insisted to the doctor that I am feeling pregnant.

“The doctor asked me if I have been pregnant before, I replied NO. They told me how I can be saying I am feeling pregnant when I have never been pregnant before.

“However, I told the doctor I can feel something in my body. I am sick and troubled. The doctor, then, gave me medicine and Malaria drug that is not good for a pregnant woman and I took it.

“Only for me to go to toilet, the baby fall out and the doctors finally believed I was pregnant but actually it was too late.”

Speaking on how she conceived her second child, she said that she welcomed a twins but one of them died after 3days.

She said, “when I conceived the second time, it was a twins as I delivered the twins but one of them (a boy) died 3 days after giving birth to him and the girl was alive. When I conceived then, my pregnancy shared negative.

“When I conceived the third one, my pregnancy tested negative till at 6 months, nothing was showing untill I went to a place and I was praying and a man of God told me that my baby has been under my tummy and I should call the baby out. She prayed for me and the baby came out. The third baby spent over a year in my womb. It was on the third baby, doctor were able to see the scan of my baby as I could see my baby playing during the scan process.”

Asked how she was delivered of baby from 8 years old pregnancy, she said, “Before I conceived my Fourth child in 2013, I suffered several miscarriage about 3 times. I had miscarriage because my body is not used to stress as I was going to a Bible School during that period.

“I went to Abuja Holiness Revival Movement in Abuja for a program. Getting there, I started bleeding and children of God were running helter skelter and some holding my leg to see whether the bleeding will stop, some even bought drugs for me.

“The bleeding was really a serious distraction in the program I went for at Abuja. I came back home, the bleeding did not stop until roughly 3 years. After visiting several hospitals, I was told my liver has rotten. I left the focus on my pregnancy and faced the issue of liver. Prayed to God, and miraculously, I got a new liver when God told me that I have given you a new liver.

“And I went to the hospital again to do the x-rays and the doctor confirmed it to me that I have been given a new liver and even asked me how come.

“In 2018, I fell ill. My sister accompanied me to the hospital where she told the doctor I was pregnant of 6 years. The doctor never believe it, he carried out several tests yet the pregnancy showed negative. It was when I got home, I noticed the baby movement in my tummy. All glory to God, He saw me through the challenges.

“Few years later, this year precisely, I got delivered of baby from 8 years old pregnancy.

“I have passed through a lot in life,and I urge everyone just to believe in God, because your situation might be what he wants to show the world that he still answering prayers and that he never fails. A lot of people’s faith got strengthen by my testimony baby. God makes a way when it seems to be no way.”

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FG suspends Air Nigeria project indefinitely




The Air Nigeria project has been placed on indefinite hold by the federal government until further notice.

The minister of aviation and aerospace, Festus Keyamo stated that the airline was never a Nigerian airline, despite what the general public believed, and that they merely attempted to introduce the concept of a foreign airline posing as a Nigerian airline.

At the Ministerial briefing to commemorate President Bola Tinubu’s inaugural year in office, he made this statement.

He said, “It remains suspended and it was never Air Nigeria. It was only.

“If it is so, why not allow our local people to fly our flag? Why bring foreign airlines to fly our flag?

“So nobody should deceive you that it was Air Nigeria.”

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No To Student Education Loan In Tertiary Institutions – ASUU




The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria has expressed opposition to the idea of providing student education loan for those attending tertiary institutions across the country.

This was made known to the public on Monday during a press conference held in the capital of Akwa Ibom State, Uyo, where it was stated that the student education loan program would force pupils to enslavement, permanent debt, depression, and ultimately suicide.

Happiness Uduk, the ASUU Zonal Cordinator, expressed how depressing it was that those who benefited from food subsidies, bursary awards, and school scholarships were also the ones enforcing some of these offensive policies and vowed that the union would not back down in the face of them whenever necessary.

She said, “It is disheartening that people who attended schools on scholarship, enjoyed meal subsidies, free laundry services and bursary awards are the same running our economy today.

“Their Children are on scholarship in the best foreign universities in the world but after siphoning our economy, they turn around to impose a strangulating Education Loan in tax payers’ children so that they will be enslaved and remain indebted to the country forever. They do not mind the devastating effect of this scheme on the country, such as depression, suicide, and collosal loss of intellectuals.

“To this end, we vehemently condemn the idea of Education Loan and state clearly that using the money for intervention in higher Institutions will be about a positive turn-around of events that will make our institutions self reliant on highly subsidized tertiary education in Nigeria.”

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May 29: President Tinubu Begins Nationwide Project Inauguration




Nigerian president, Tinubu is set to commence the Inauguration of project across the country to mark his one year in service.

This was made known to the public through a statement signed by Special Advisor on Information and Strategy, Bayo Onanuga, with the headline “President Tinubu Set To Inaugurate Projects To Mark One Year In Office”.

According to Bayo, the completion of Lagos’ Third Main Land Bridge will be the first project carried out on May 31, 2024, President Tinubu’s first anniversary in office. Additionally, he will be traveling throughout the week, starting on Sunday (tomorrow) and ending on Friday, to oversee other projects including the commissioning of 330 roads and bridges across the nation.

The statement reads below:



“Ahead of the first anniversary of his administration on 29 May, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu today departed Abuja for Lagos to begin a commissioning spree of projects completed under his administration.

“In Lagos on Sunday, the President will inaugurate the concrete-paved road to the nation’s major ports in Apapa and Tin Can Island. The reconstructed road which began under the Muhammadu Buhari Administration was financed by the Dangote Group, using its tax credits.

“On the same day, President Tinubu will formally inaugurate, by virtual means, the refurbished Third Mainland Bridge, which has drawn public acclaim for its excellent finishing and aesthetic furnishing. He will also commission, virtually, the rehabilitation of 330 roads and bridges across the country.

“The highpoint of the President’s engagements on Sunday will be the inauguration of the iconic Lagos-Calabar Superhighway, estimated to cost about N15 trillion. Work has begun on the legacy project that will connect nine coastal states, with Section Two already awarded to Hitech Construction Limited.

“President Tinubu will return to Abuja on Tuesday to begin another round of commissioning. He will first inaugurate the Southern Parkway, which the Nyesom Wike-led FCT Administration named after him.

“On Wednesday, the President will attend the National Assembly Dialogue Series, after which he will unveil the National Assembly Library Complex, named after him.

“President Tinubu will leave the National Assembly to relaunch the commercialisation of Abuja Light Rail, also known as Abuja Metro. He will symbolically join a train ride to the city centre.

“The Abuja Metro was completed in 2018 by the Buhari Administration. It was put into commercial use up till 2020. But with the onset of COVID-19, the train service was abandoned. Vandals descended on the facility, putting it out of use.

“FCT Minister Wike, after spending $15 million and building access roads to the various stations, has refurbished it for commercial service.

“After the train ride, President Tinubu will also inaugurate the Wuye Flyover-Link Bridge and the Defence Intelligence Agency Headquarters.

“On Friday 31 May, President Tinubu will commission the NASENI-Portland Compressed Natural Gas(CNG) Reverse Engineering Centre at Utako.

Bayo Onanuga

Special Adviser Information and Strategy.

25 May, 2024.”

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