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Top 10 favourite biscuits in Nigeria



Making a choice is probably one of the hardest things to do, because when you make a choice you have to stick by it no matter what.

So The Daily Page is taking you on a rollercoaster ride on the top 10 favourite biscuits in Nigeria. Let the battle of biscuits begin.

Here are the top 10 favourite biscuits in Nigeria.

10. Parle-G

Favourite in Nigeria

Here in number 10 is PARLE-G. If you don’t know this Parle-G is probably as old as Nigeria and still remains in the hearts and mouths of Nigerians. This biscuit is the biscuit we used to buy anytime we have small change as children.

In case you don’t know, Parle-G is a brand of biscuits manufactured by Parle Products Pvt., Ltd.

The company was founded as a confectionery maker in 1929 in the Mumbai’s Vile Parle suburb, after which it was named. At the time, only 12 people were employed. However, the 10-acre manufacturing unit in this suburb has been shut down in 2016 as it wasn’t commercially viable anymore, according to The Economic Times.

9. Spicy

Favourite biscuits in Nigeria

SPICY is well known as fish biscuit. I’m positive that some of us only use the name fish biscuit. This biscuit definitely is here to stay and is so loved. I remember and I know you all did it to, which is shaping the biscuit in a way that you will eat all the sides first, then you will now eat the fish. Good Times.

8. Short Bread

Short Bread biscuit is one of favourite biscuits in Nigeria.

The ultimate visiting day must bring for all parents out there. Undeniably the best, honestly.

McVities All Butter Shortbread are perfect for all times, starting from your morning coffee to your afternoon tea.

The unique buttery flavour is sure to fulfil your sweet cravings. These delicious crumbly biscuits are made with the finest of ingredients to make sure you get the true taste of Scotland biscuits.

McVities All Butter Shortbread are equally enjoyed both by kids and adults.

7.  Cream Crackers

Favourite biscuits in Nigeria

Beloxxi Cream Crackers is one of favourite biscuits in Nigeria for the fact that it is a healthy biscuit for both children and adults. 

This particular biscuit has remained a part of everyday meal for all, especially the children.

6. Digestive Biscuits

Digestive Biscuits is one of favourite biscuits in Nigeria.

A lot of Nigerians love this biscuit for the fact that the it aids digestion. The biscuits have some fair amount of fibre to aid in digestion.

5. Pure Bliss

The biscuit, Pure Bliss is owned by a Nigeria-based manufacturing company, OK Foods. Pure Bliss contains more cream, leaving a lingering taste in your mouth that makes you wish you could have more. 

4. Noreos or Oreos

Favourite biscuits in Nigeria

Noreos is one of favourite biscuits in Nigeria and it is crispy and delicious with a taste that makes it an ideal choice for everyone


The Famous Amos story began in 1975 at a bakery on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

Inspired by a family recipe,the founder Wally Amos perfected the ultimate chocolate chip cookie. He used only the best ingredients to make his bite-size cookies.

This delicious homemade signature helped them gain fame just by word of mouth.

From there, the Famous Amos story becomes a Hollywood success story. Iconic musicians and other Hollywood celebrities began singing the praises of delicious tiny cookies from the small bakery on Sunset.


Maryland Cookies are a brand name of cookie produced by Burton’s Biscuit Company in the United Kingdom.

Because of its crumbly, and crunchy texture, you can combine the Maryland biscuit with a cup of tea when your friends come round.



Happy Happy biscuit is one of favourite biscuits in Nigeria.

This biscuit is a circle of sunshine and definitely lives up to it’s name. It’s just filled with happiness. It’s mouth magic.

So what did you think. If you disagree or you have a ranking of your own, comment below what your ideal rank be.


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6 Nigerian female celebrities who look younger even after giving birth



Majority of people have this believe that women tend to look old after giving birth. Well, some of our favorite Nigerian celebrities have proven this believe wrong, in the sense that, they look more younger than their age after giving birth.

In this article, I will show to you 6 Nigerian female celebrities who look younger than their age after giving birth:

(1) Bukunmi Oluwasina:

Bukunmi is one of the most-sought after after actresses in the Nigerian movie industry. She has grown to become a great force to reckon with.

Before Bukunmi got married, she was very beautiful and attractive due to her physique. In 2020, she got married to her long time boyfriend, Ebun and their union is blessed with a baby girl.

When she gave birth, many people thought her beauty will fade but instead, she became more younger and beautiful.

(2) Adesua Etomi:

Adesua Etomi is a Nigerian actress, singer and songwriter. In the Nigerian entertainment industry, she has grown to become a great force to reckon with.

In 2017, she got married to Banky W, who is also an actor, musician and politician. Their union is blessed with a handsome baby boy. She announced the news about her child birth on February 22, 2020.

After giving birth to her son, Adesua Etomi still look younger and beautiful.

(3) Omoni Oboli:

Omoni Oboli is one of the versatile actress in the Nigerian movie industry. Ever since her emergence into the entertainment industry, she has featured and produced several movies which includes Wives On Strike, Love Is War, Fifty, Being Mrs Eliot, The Figurine among others.

Despite being a mother of three boys, she still causes stir on social media with her unique body. Currently, she is still one of the most beautiful celebrities in Nigeria.

(4) Ivie Okujaye:

Ivie Okujaye is a Nigerian actress and movle producer. Ever since she joined the movle industry she has featured in various movies which includes Cold Fish, Kuvana, Valerie, The Black Silhouette, 5th Floor among others.

Ivie is a mother of three beautiful daughter, she gave birth to her third daughter on June 8 2022. Even though she had given birth, she still look more younger and beautiful.

(5) Simi:

Simi is one of the beautiful singers in the Nigerian music industry. Before she got married, she has a very attractive physique that captures people attention. In 2019, she got married to Adekunle Gold who is also a musician. Their union is blessed with a beautiful daughter.

After giving birth to her first child, many people expected Simi’s beauty to fade, but instead she look more younger and beautiful.

(6) Regina Daniels:

Regina Daniels is a Nigerian actress and movle producer. She has featured in various movies which includes Love and Lies, Reversal, Mortuary Gate, Phyton Girl, Royal Order among others.

In 2019, she got married to her husband, Ned Nwoko and their union is blessed with two handsome boys. Even though she has given birth, she is still one of the hottest and most beautiful female celebrities in Nigeria.

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7 Nigerian male celebrities who have the biggest families




Have you ever wondered how many children you would have in your life? Well, we have some advice for you.

According to the research reported by the Daily Mail, parents with four or more children, tend to be happier and more satisfied with lives.

And it seems our very own Nigerian male celebrities are already following this rule, for example, 2Face has 7 children.

So we are The Daily Page News are eager to surprise you with Nigerian male celebrities who have many kids than you might think.

1. Wasiu Ayinde (Kwam 1)

Nigerian popular Fuji icon, named Wasiu Ayinde popularly known as Kwam 1 or K1 De Ultimate reportedly has 39 children from 3 wives and several concubines. Only a legend could pull such a stunt.

2. Pasuma

Wasiu Alabi Pasuma who is a Nigerian film actor, and Fuji musician, has become one of the most successful Fuji musicians in Nigeria.

Pasuma is one of Nigerian male celebrities with biggest families.

It is no longer a news that Pasuma has been linked with several women. The Fuji musician reportedly has 12 children from five different women.

3. 2Face

2Face whose real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s greatest musicians of all time.

He is one of Nigerian male celebrities with biggest families.

Often tagged father of many nations, 2Baba has total of seven children, two with Annie Idibia and the others with other women.

Rumor going round on social media have it that 2Face is expecting baby number 8, after several speculations that he might have impregnated another lady following his latest apology to wife and family.”

4. JJC Skillz

JJC Skillz who is a Nigerian songwriter, rapper, and television producer, has three grown up kids all from three different baby mama.

He also welcomed a set of twins with Nollywood actor, Funke Akindele in 2018.

5. 9ice

9ice whose real name is Alexander Abore Adegbola Akande is a Nigerian musican and songwriter.

He is very known for his powerful use of the Yoruba language in his music. 9ice has three children from three different women.

In 2014, he welcomed his Fourth child, a baby girl with his fiancee, Olasunkanmi Ajala.

6. Wizkid

Wizkid is one of the most respected Artists in the world and the first Afrobeats artist to appear in the Guinness World Records, has 3 kids from three different women.

First baby mama named Oluwanisola Ogudugu gave him his first child, first son named Boluwatife in 2011.

He welcomed his second son with a woman named Binta Diallo.

In 2017, he welcomed his third son, Zion with his manager, Jada P.

However, Wizkid is expecting baby number 4 from Jada P.

7. Davido

Davido whose is one of the most bankable musicians in Nigeria, has 4 children from 4 different baby mama.

Aurora Imade Adeleke is the first child. She was born on May 14th, 2015. Sophia Momodu is the mother of Imade Adeleke.

Hailey Veronica Adeleke is the second child of Davido. She was born on the 9th of May, 2017 which means she is just two years younger than her sister, Imade.

Amanda is the mother of Hailey.

David Adeleke Jnr is Davido’s third child and first son. He was born on Sunday, October 20, 2019. Chioma Avril is the mother of Baby Ifeanyi.

In August, 2022, Davido confirmed he had welcomed his Fourth child and second son with alleged 4th baby mama, Yasmine Larissa.


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Fashion and Style

5 tips to styling any outfit



It’s not just about following the trends, it’s also about knowing how those trends fit you best and how you can look good in your own unique way.

Styling tips

Here are five styling tips to rocking any outfit.

1. Learn you skin tone

This is very important because knowing you skin tome helps you to know the colour shade that will fit you best. Your skin tone is the shade of your skin, which is different from your complexion. There are 4 types of skin tone which are light, dark, medium and fair.

2. Learn you body shape

What is your body shape? For females are you triangle, inverted triangle, hourglass, round, rectangle. For males are you ectomorph, mesomorph or endomlrph.

3. Take into consideration your height

When styling any outfit, take into consideration your height and how that outfit look on you considering your height.

4. Accentuate the right part of your body

Wear clothes that accentuate the right part of your body. We all have different parts of our body that we love whether your long legs, curves, arms, neckline etc. So look for clothes that accentuate the part of your body you love best.

5. Do not buy clothes that do not fit

Never and I repeat never buy clothes that do not fit. It’s very disrespectful to you. Unless of course you are rocking an oversized look or a street look, but of not clothes that do not fit your body are forbidden especially if you plan on wearing a classy or formal outfit.

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