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5 Best horror movies that will make you scream



Horror movies, if you love them then you have come to the right place.  Here is a list of nine horror movies that will make you scream and shiver and jump up with your popcorn.

1. Relic

Relic is a 2020 horror movie about a mother and daughter who go to her old house following the disappearance of her elderly and demented mother, but then they notice strange things happening around the house, and bam it’s all screams and runs. It is definitely one of the best horror movies you’ll ever watch.

Horror movies


2. The Saint Maud

The saint Maud is a 2019 psychological horror movie about a reclusive nurse, who is a recent catholic convert. She becomes obsessed with a former dancer with cancer and believes she must do everything in her power to save her soul at whatever cost.

3. Swallow

Swallow is a 2019 psychological movie about a woman who faces challenges in her marriage and domestic life. she has now developed the habit of consuming inedible objects. Honestly how scary is it to watch a woman eats nails. 

4. Prisoners of the Ghostland.

Staring Nicolas cage. Prisoners of Ghostland is a 2021 Action/ thriller movie. When the adopted granddaughter of a wealthy warlord goes missing. He has no choice forced to release a ruthless bank robber from prison, offering him his freedom in exchange for a job well done. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct in five days.


5. Host

The host is a 2020 horror and mystery movie about six friends who mistakenly invited the presence of a demonic spirit. One of the best horror movies you will probably watch this year. Although it’s a 2020 movie do not underestimate the power of this movie to scare you to your bones

Horror movies




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