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Baby Names

5 Nigerian celebrities inspired baby names for twins



Congratulations on the arrival of your twins. We are at The Daily Page celebrate with you.

Now that your twins babies are here, The Daily Page has complied some good names and priceless name for your twins baby which are inspired by our favorite Nigerian celebrities.

In this article, I will show you best twins name for your baby with its meaning.

1. TY Bello

TY Bello

TY Bello whose real name is Toyin Sokefun Bello is a Nigerian singer, photography and philanthropist.

TY Bello who got married to Kashetu Bello in 2009, welcomed a twins boys named Christian and Christopher in 2014.

Christian: It is a biblical name which is often referred to as baptismal name

Christopher: It is a name for a baby boy which means bearer of Christ.

2. Muma Gee

Muma Gee

Muma Gee whose real name is Gift Iyumame Eke is a Nigerian singer, fashion designer and television personality.

Muma Gee has a twin boy and girl name, Chika and Chisa Eke respectively.

Chika: It is an Igbo name which means God is supreme. The name is suitable for both boy and girl.

Chisa: It is a girl name and a common given name in Japan. It means God is awake.

3. Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel

Kizz Daniel whose real name is Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe is a singer and the founder of the Fly Boy Inc Record Label.

Kizz Daniel who is now among Nigerian celebrities who have welcomed twins, named his twins Jelani and Jalil.

Jelani: it is an African American name, and of African origin which means Great, Powerful. Well, the name is used for masculine gender.

Jalil: it is a Muslim name based in Arabic which means great, exalted, magnificent.

4. 9ice


9ice whose real name is Alexander Abolore Adegbolo Akande is a Nigerian singer and dancer.

He is happily married to Olasunkanmi Ajala and blessed with a twins named, Hazeeza and Hadiza.

Hazeeza: It is a Muslim name for girl

Hadiza: It is a Muslim name for girl gender which means God gift

5. Mikel Obi 

Mikel Obi

Mikel Obi who is a Nigerian footballer is happily married to a Russian model, Olga Diyachenko and blessed with twins girls, Ava and Mia.

Ava: It is a girl’s name which means Life A Bird

Mia: It is a girl’s name which means mine.

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Baby Names

Igbo names for your baby and their meaning




Naming a child is very important as it tells a story of who we are, what we shall be and become. So it is necessary for all parents to know the meaning of names before giving them to their newborn baby.

In case you don’t know, names can sometimes impact a child either positively or negatively, depending on the name given to the child.

For this reason, parents must think well when deciding on the name to give their child.

Well, in the Igbo ethnic group, there are a lot of beautiful Igbo names with good meaning you can give your children.

The Daily Page highlights some Igbo names for girls and boys with their meaning below:

Yobachi (Unisex)

Meaning: Ask God

Yobachukwu (Unisex)

Meaning: Ask God

Yobanna (Male)

Meaning: Ask the father

Yobaolisah (Male)

Meaning: Ask God

Tobenna or Tobeolisa (Male)

Meaning: Keep praising God

Sochima (Unisex)

Meaning: Only God knows

Solumtobechukwu (Male)

Meaning: Praising the Lord or God with me

Somadina (Male)

Meaning: May I not travel alone

Onaedo (Female)

Meaning: Gold or Priceless

Jamuike (Male)

Meaning: Motivate me or inspire me

Jideofor (Male)

Meaning: Stand with truth

Golibe (Unisex)

Meaning: Rejoice

Adaego (Female)

Meaning: Daughter of Wealth

Chisom (Unisex)

Meaning: God is with me

Adaeze (Female)

Meaning: Daughter of Wealth

Adaku (Female)

Meaning: Daughter born into wealth

Adaobi (Female)

Meaning: First daughter in the family

Oluchi/Oluchukwu (Female)

Meaning: Work of God

Cheluchi (Female)

Meaning: Wait onto God

Chukwukadibia (Female)

Meaning: God is greater than magician

Daluchi (Female)

Meaning: Thank God

Solumetolisa (Male)

Meaning: Join me in praising the Lord

Fumnanya (Female)

Meaning: Love me

Amaka (Female)

Meaning: Beautiful God

Amara/ Amarachi (Female)

Meaning: Mercy of God

Anwuli (Female)

Meaning: Joy

Apunanwu (Female)

Meaning: Precious God

Binyerechukwu (Female)

Meaning: Stay with God

Chetachi (Female)

Meaning: Remember God

Chiamanda (Female)

Meaning: God will not fail

Chiamaka (Female)

Meaning: God is beautiful

Chindinma (Female)

Meaning: God is good

Chinenye (Female)

Meaning: God gives

Chioma ( Female)

Meaning: Good God

Chinyere (Female)

Meaning: God’s gift

Ebube (Female)

Meaning: Glory

Erinma (Female)

Meaning: A child of Beauty and great prospects

Ifunaya (Female)

Meaning: Love

Obioma (Female)

Meaning: Good heart



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