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Stream it or Skip it: Review of ‘All of us are dead’ movie on Netflix



On the 28th of January, 2022, the movie, All Of US Are Dead was released for viewers to watch on Netflix.

All of us are dead

The movie which is a South Korean Coming of age Zombie Apocalypse horror streaming television series, starrs Park Jihu, Yoon Chan-Young, Lee Yoo-Mi, Park Solomon and others.

The movie showed the moment Zombies attacked a high school in South Korea, forcing themselves into walls, and windows of the school premises in a scary movement.

Therefore, their Invasion to the high school posed a big threat to the safety of the students. Due to Zombie posing threat to the safety of the students, the military discovered that Zombies can be attracted by sound.

So they decided to use the loud-sounding drones to attract the Zombies and shot missles which bombed the whole school, killing off the Zombies.

All of us are dead

Our review

All of us are dead movie is an interesting movie to watch as it portrayed how people could handle situations that seems like there is no hope of survival.

But the movie is not recommended for kids below 18 because it is a blood bath movie. Watch the trailer of All of Us Dead below:

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